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Fiction for children, especially younger children, comes in the form of picture books. This series of 30 posts explains how to write and edit the basic picture book, and goes on to discuss specific types of picture books. Messages, Morals, Lessons

I need your help! I’ve been on the search lately for cute children’s books that teach morals/life lessons. My toddler loves reading stories, and she is just getting to the point where she’ll actually let me read them to her rather than just looking at one page and snapping the book shut on me.

This is a picture book WITHOUT WORDS, a great adventure in creativity for children to make up their own story to go with the images, and perfect for reluctant readers, illustrating that books are about telling a story, and passing on a message, there is much more to it than just words.

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  1. LITTLE JOE OTTER Love, Love, Love All The Books By Thornton W. Burgess! | Not Now, I'm Booked
  2. 1000+ Images About Nederlandstalige Kinderboeken Met FSC-logo On Pinterest | Van, Morals And Met

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Free Childrens Moral Story-1 | English stories for kids, Moral stories for kids, Short moral stories

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LITTLE JOE OTTER Love, love, love all the books by Thornton W. Burgess! | Not Now, I'm Booked

LITTLE JOE OTTER Love, Love, Love All The Books By Thornton W. Burgess! | Not Now, I'm Booked

Book Reviews and Recommendations: Preteen and Tween, Ages 9-12 : The Childrens Book Review

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1000+ images about Nederlandstalige kinderboeken met FSC-logo on Pinterest | Van, Morals and Met

A to Z of Akhlaaq Moral Values for Children £1.50 | Kids are baby Goats. | Pinterest | Children

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